Chip seal is a processes of distributing liquid asphalt emulsion on to gravel/asphalt. Then covering with a layer of 3/8" chips and compact into the emulsion. Depending on use and condition 1 to 3 layers is recommended.

A coat of chip seal should be applied every 4-5 years depending on use and climate. Chip seal is a great option when asphalt is cost prohibited. Chip seal allows for better dust control and traction in winter months. With a chip seal it eliminates the need for adding gravel and regrading gravel every year. 

Top five reasons to chip seal: 

  1. Low economic commitment
  2. Dust control
  3. Better traction in snow/ice conditions
  4. Seals the roadway from environmental conditions
  5. Provides a rustic look, without the gravel problems 

Recommended areas of use:

  • Roadways
  • Farm lanes
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Private lanes
  • Bike paths 



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